• Dr .Uddhav Patil during ISLSM Congress at Indore.
  • Dr. Uddhav Patil bagged "Best Preseter" award at FACETHETICS Conference
  • Dr. Uddhav Patil Invited as guest lecturer at International Conference on LASER.
  • Dr. Uddhav Patil has given Training to Indonesian Doctors in "Laser Workshop ."
  • Dr. Uddhav Patil was Invited as International Speaker at "National Congress of Laser Medicine at Jakarta, Indonesia. "
  • Lip Care - An Article Published in Pudhari-Aarogya by Dr. Uddhav Patil
      Articles Published in Scientific’ Journals
      ‘Overview of Lasers‘

    ‘Oral Pigmentation’

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  • Dimple Creation Surgery- Get Dimply Cute Smile new

  • Earlobe Rejuvenation- You doesn’t ever have to retire your favorite pair of earrings.. new

  • Dark Lips can now become Pink with Laser Treatment new

  • Nothing is quite as beautiful as smooth, soft & glowing skin.new

  • Fractional CO2 Laser For Melasma Removal new

  • RF FRACTIONAL CO2 Laser Treatment Provides Best Results in Short Time new

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