Dark Lips can now become Pink with Laser Treatment

Skin covering the lips is divided in two parts. The inner part is called as mucous lip and the outer part is called as cutaneous lip. It is the cutaneous lip that contains pigment or melanin and is responsible for the so called “dark lip” condition seen in many people. Your lips could be turning dark because they are excessively tanned. This sometimes happens when you have sensitive skin that is more prone to tanning than the rest of your face. This is a fairly common ailment, and the upper lip typically darkens more than the lower one.  In fact lipstick in women  & smoking in men are believed to be one factor that causes dark lips in the acquired type.

With the special kind of laser at a proper parameters this problem is safely treated. It is the innovative technique in cosmetic laser procedures developed through an advanced research. The treatment for dark lip requires 1-3 treatments. The interval between each treatment session is 6 weeks or more.


The lip is treated with the special nano-second laser after numbing with topical anesthetic cream. The procedure takes only a few minutes. The treated lip swells up for a day or two and will start turning naturally pink within one week. After a few weeks you should start expecting results.

Dr. Uddhav A. Patil
MS MCh (Plast. Surg.) MACPhleb



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