Laser therapy is used to treat many dermatological conditions. The intensified, pure laser light targets a component of the skin called a chromophore. A Chromophores may be melanin, hemoglobin (blood), water, or even tattoo ink. Light is a mixture of rays of different wavelengths and specific wavelengths target certain chromophores. When a specific wavelength of light is absorbed by the chromophore, a reaction occurs that generates heat. In turn, the heat destroys the chromophore and the cells containing it. In the case of facial hair growth, the laser, targets the melanin pigment in the hair bulb, heats the hair root and destroys it permanently.

  Lasers :

   There are many different types of lasers that have been developed and it is important to understand which lasers are best for which procedures. Unfortunately, many patients think of lasers as almost magical, but there are limitations to what they can achieve, especially in brown skin. Therefore, laser should only be performed by a physician experienced in laser treatment and also one who has specific experience treating brown skin.

  Red Birth Marks
  Hair Fall Treatment
  Nevus of Ota
  Laser Hair Removal
  Dark Lips
  Facial Rejuvenation
  Wrinkles and Scars